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Digital Multimedia Exploration
“I cannot believe IMPACT Family Center is celebrating 10 years of dedicated, transforming service to youth and families on the Southside of Chicago & South Cook County. Time really flies when you’re having fun! It is an honor to serve. 
This has been a difficult journey thus far. People just do not support urban teen/youth focused programs. The far Southside of Chicago is a service desert; there are not enough resources for the low-income residents that have no hope or help. 
We are a unique agency because our determination never ceases. We strive to make a difference with each encounter. Our measurable results will continue to increase. We are creating leaders. We are simply the wind beneath the wings of those who are destined to soar because they dare to try.”
Join our team and #IMPACTaLife!
-Marsha Eaglin

Summer Day Camp
Special Events Management is an After School Matters funded apprenticeship. Special Events focuses on marketing, public relations and finance. Youth ages 14-18 are eligible for Special Events. Click here to learn more.
Special Events Management
I Am Beautiful Club
Men Stand Out
D.M.E is a journalism-focused, public relations and media heavy apprenticeship funded by After School Matters. D.M.E is available for teenagers between the ages of 14-18.  Click here to learn more.
Check Us out on YouTube: "IMPACT Family Center" or "Marsha Eaglin"
Located at:

11300 S. Halsted St.
Suite A
Chicago, IL 60628

(773) 840-3590

​Feel free to stop by for any of our programs and become a new piece of the puzzle here at IMPACT Family Center. 

We are open Monday through Thursday 11 A.M. to 7 P.M. 
The leadership and enrichment education program. Youth ages 6-12 have the opportunity to develop different life skills and leadership qualities put them on the road for success! Click here to learn more.
I.A.B and M.S.O are IMPACT's two mentoring programs geared to allow social and emotional improvement amongst their peers. Mentor Wednesdays are open to all teens. Click here for more information.