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Jerryl Ewing, M.A. Grand Valley State University
Allena Robinson
Board president, Allena Robinson, is the lead teacher at the Chicago Public High School Air Force Academy in Chicago's Bridgeport community. She teaches journalism and EnglishShe is very active with her students by supervising some after school programs and different clubs at Air Force. Robinson is currently pursuing her master’s degree in education to one day become a principal. Robinson is a Chicago native. She was born on the Southside to single-parent Marsha Eaglin. She holds a Bachelor’s of Arts in English from the University of Missouri Columbia. 
Jerryl Ewing, M.A. Grand Valley State University
Jerryl Ewing, M.A. Grand Valley State University
Journalist, Marsha J. Eaglin, founder of IMPACT Family Center, developed her passion for the Roseland community of Chicago while attending church in the area for three decades. Her empowering teaching/motivation abilities, passion for helping of youth and families, and dedication to making a difference using her expertise in media communications, has touched thousands of lives in the past three decades. At IMPACT, she is the chief executive officer, editor/publisher of Our Voice: A Teen’s Perspective, and executive producer of documentaries ...more 
Founder & CEO
Marsha Eaglin, M.Ed.
Jerryl Ewing, M.A. Grand Valley State University
Jerryl Ewing
Secretary, Jerryl Ewing is the Behavioral Health Operations Manager at Foothill Community Health Center in San Jose, CA. He oversees a team of Behavioral Health Clinician’s that treat the underserved population in both clinic and school based settings. Jerryl is a Chicago native that is currently pursuing his PhD in Business and Positive Psychology in hopes of using his psychology background to better train others in the service of giving back to the community and understanding behaviors. He holds a Master’s degree in Public Health Administration from Grand Valley State University.
Jerryl Ewing, M.A. Grand Valley State University
Corey Hardiman
Chicago community activist and Morehouse College alumnus Corey Hardiman is on the board of directors here at IMPACT. His work in the community stemming all the way from high school and, then, being fueled through IMPACT led him to start his own non-profit. Hardiman is the CEO of HOPE Dealers Inc. The organization combats social injustices and empowers families in the to become civically engaged. He is currently completing his last semester of graduate school at Concordia University- River Forest, where he is obtaining his Masters of Arts in Urban Education Curriculum and Policy.
Jerryl Ewing, M.A. Grand Valley State University
Tarita "Rita" James

Lead Mentor
Jerryl Ewing, M.A. Grand Valley State University
Jeremy Banks
Jeremy Banks is an accomplished business professional and honor student from the city of Chicago. He is an alumnus of the University of Illinois’ College of ACES in Champaign-Urbana. Banks graduated in 2012 with honors. He received a master’s degree two years later in business administration from National Louis University in 2015, while also graduating with honors. Banks shares his time between five service-dedicated organizations. He recently joined IMPACT this year. "I'm looking to create leaders who appreciate and monetize their free thought". 
Jerryl Ewing, M.A. Grand Valley State University
Matthew Eaglin-Daniels is a recent graduate from the University of Illinois' College of Media Journalism department. He studied broadcast journalism as a means to keep the family business alive. He has several different passions, which range from him owning his own business to serving the youth of the city of Chicago. He is excited to further the mission and outreach of IMPACT Family Center and its constituents. 
Digital Media Instructor 
Matthew Eaglin-Daniels
Kari Meyer
Vice President