Inspiring. Motivating. Making Change
IMPACT Family Center (IMPACT) is a human service organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for at-risk children, youth, and their families in the greater Chicago area through effective and interactive programs. Since 2005, the organization has incorporated mentoring into its entire computer, technology, media, employment, and academic programs while assisting their participants to become self-sufficient, productive, and healthy individuals. The organization incorporated in 2009. The flagship program focusing on journalism and digital media has been the catalyst for improving academic performance, college enrollment, and creating a new generation of journalists and media professionals.

The Greater Roseland and far south side areas of Chicago is plagued with violence, recidivism of ex-offenders, chronic health conditions and low social-economic situations for children, youth, and their families. Taking notice of this prevalent issue, as an award-winning broadcast journalist, Marsha Eaglin, original founder with the initial idea for the creation of IMPACT, was joined by Amber Gardner to create a dynamic organization that makes a difference. Marsha and Amber realized a community center, geared towards youth, their families, and young adults, was much needed training opportunities that would create and enhance individuality as well as motivate individuals to exceed and succeed their expectations out of life and gain and maintain an entrepreneurial spirit.

There has been a proven record of accomplishment of hundreds of youth and families experiencing personal and academic development as well as obtaining the necessary skills to succeed and exceed within society. Hundreds of teens and young adults who have matriculated through IMPACT Family Center have been accepted to various colleges and universities around the country and have spent their summers giving back to the organization and worked as college interns to assist youth participants. Some of our past apprentices and interns have created their own businesses and secured jobs after participating in our programs. Parents, teachers, and others have been highly pleased and have
appreciated our mission to help transform the lives of youth and their families enrolled in IMPACT programs.

IMPACT Family Center STL 2018 is designed to:

Enhance individuality as well as leadership

 Generate self-worth, citizenship, and civic responsibility

 Cultivate employment abilities and entrepreneurial spirit

 Motivate participants to excellence in academic performance, positive and healthy life choices and improve health and physical fitness

There is a great need to invest in our youth and families, while nurturing them to success. IMPACT helps hundreds of young and old to develop high expectations for their lives and encourages them to not only dream big, but to put forth the effort, to work that dream into a reality.

On September 21, 2011 IMPACT moved into a stand-alone building at 10958 S. Halsted Street. This allowed IMPACT to expand its staff and programs offered to the Greater Roseland communities. It became a Community Technology Center offering access to computers and media communications for youth, teens, adults and seniors; assisting low-income residents with the skills and opportunities to learn to compete globally in the 21st century.

On July 7, 2014, IMPACT moved to 11300 S. Halsted Street to expand programs in a temporary site, and to prepare for purchasing a new building. We are planning to take our programs and services into the Ferguson area, opening IMPACT Family Center STL by 2018.

And the IMPACT story continues…

IMPACT Family Center, is a human service organization dedicated to creating social change in low socio-economic areas by
improving social and emotional well-being of youth, and families through educational, technological, mentorship, and arts programs.
The vision of IMPACT Family Center is… 

To provide a variety of connected learning technology, educational, life-skills, communications, employment training, and arts programs, to empower those we serve, and to assist youth and families in becoming self-sufficient, productive, and healthy individuals.  

To provide programs and services to at-risk youth and families in order to decrease the cyber-divide and prepare them for careers specializing in communications, to improve school performance, socialization, and health, while providing a safe and wholesome environment. 

Wish List
  • New IMPACT Family Technology--The Arts--Wellness Center Building
  • Mentor Wednesday Dinner
  • Computers, Laptops, & Monitors
  • Digital Audio/ Visual Recording Studio
  • 2- 15 Passenger Vans/ 2 Large SUVs
  • Fitness Equipment
  • Education & Scholarship Fund
  • Employment Relationships for Teens & Adults 
  • Office Furniture
  • 10-Phone System with Intercom
  • Volunteer Incentives/ Silent Auction
  • Monetary & Matching Gifts, & Endowments
The far south side areas of Chicago and south Cook County are plagued with violence, recidivism of ex-offenders, chronic health conditions, and low social-economic situations for children, youth, and their families. These areas have become service and resource deserts because there are few programs that address these issues on a consistent and impactful basis reaping measurable outcomes. IMPACT Family Center has provided unprecedented solutions to these issues for over 11 years. IMPACT Family Center teens are not simply numbers that are taught or babysat; they are nurtured through a supportive, structured program to achieve an individualized metamorphosis of greater confidence and success. We maintain an active presence in their lives through high school, college and into their careers.